Sunday, December 9, 2012

Take "Science" With A Grain Of Salt

A lot of progrssives on the left keep trying to use "science" as the basis for beating up conservatives, especially with issues such as "global warming" and evolution. And, generally speaking, TRUE science is fine - but the garbage science the progressives cite have no business being up for discussion.

True science is based on the results of having uncovered ALL the facts. Bogus science is based on conjecture and theory based on superficial facts.

Here are some examples of how humankind has been misled by bogus science:

* For a thousand years "science" told us the Earth was flat

* As late as the 1800's "science" claimed a woman's menstruation was due to her uterus moving around her body in 28 day cycles

* For generations "science" taught us that Pluto was a planet - now it is not

*As late as the 20th century "science" told us the "Great Ape" was a myth and could not possibly exist.

* Today's "science" talks of "global warming" despite the known fact that Earth's temperature has typically been even hotter throughout 85% of its history. In fact, until the 12th century grapes were grown not in southern France, but in England - which is still too cold today for growing grapes.

There are literally thousands of examples of science being very, very wrong, about a lot of things. So, the next time some soft-headed lefty tries to pummel you with the "science says" crap, you can now respond with some examples of your own.


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