Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who Wants Us Over The Fiscal Cliff - And Why

If the world ends tomorrow, you can forget this post. It won't matter.

I'll not dwell on the "fiscal cliff", itself - anyone not familiar with it is probably a low information voter who would not understand the following, anyway.

In the '60's, it was REPUBLICANS who pushed through the Civil Rights Act, in spite of a Democrat filibuster. But Democrats stole that from Republicans simply because it was Johnson, a Democrat, who signed it into law.

In the '90's it was the Republican Congress who pushed through a balanced budget - twice - leaving the nation with a surplus. But Democrats stole that victory, too, simply because it was Clinton, a Democrat, who signed it into law.

The point being, the Democrats steal Republican victories and claim them for themselves. And Republicans, not as good at deception, don't know how to fight back and keep what they earn.

Understanding that, it is not a guess that Democrats want to steal the one, powerful victory that Republicans still have - being the party of tax cuts. Reagan tax cuts. Bush tax cuts. All very popular with the folks - so the Democrats want to steal that, too.

And here is how they will do it.

Obama will find some reason to veto any proposal by Republicans to avoid the fiscal cliff. He and his minions need America to go over the cliff, so the people will blame "those vile republicans" for being responsible for everyone's taxes going up.

Then in rides Obama and Reid on their white horses. They will pass a bill that gives tax cuts to most Americans, but not to those they consider "wealthy". And 98% of the folks would have their taxes returned to previous levels (which Obama will call tax "cuts"). And the Democrats will have successfully stolen the "tax cuts" issue from Republicans.

It will not matter that there are no tax "cuts" at all, nor will it matter that most other taxes will still go up (capital gains, estate etc). And it will not matter that Republicans TRIED to get tax cuts through in a responsible manner. It will not matter because the vast majority of voters are "low information voters." They will believe whatever the lamestrean media tells them - and that media is made up of progressive liberal Democrats.

And the truth will not matter because the Democrats, with help from the left-leaning media, will sell it as a tax cut victory for Democrats, while painting Republicans as "vile".

In this way, the 2014 elections will result in a Democrat House, Democrat Senate and we already have a Democrat president. And we will again be in the same ugly position we were in during the first 2 years of Obama's first term - the Democrats will push through every liberal, socialist, liberty-stealing bill they can think of. Obamacare was nothing compared to what is coming if they steal the House in 2014 using their lies and deception.


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