Sunday, December 2, 2012

Despite Bogus Denials From Libs, War On Christmas Is REAL

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA -- Students at Terry Elementary School in Little Rock, Ark., were invited on a class field trip to see a performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” this December. But their excitement was quickly quenched when a parent complained; an atheist group got wind of the outing and called it a “violation of religious freedom” because it contains some religious content and will be performed at a church.

My first question may appear somewhat obvious, but the loons on the left would never ask it - how can the free expression of religion be a "violation of religious freedom?" The Constitution guarantees us the right to freely worship as we please, without interference. But nowhere does it give anyone the right to be free FROM religion. A person may choose to not worship anything, but that does not bequest to them any right to keep others from worshipping how, where and when they choose.

Anti-Christmas sentiments are spreading, despite the hoots from the left that try to convince us the "war on Christmas" is not real, and manufactured by Fox News. Yet, in Alabama, a group of 5- to 7- year -olds were asked not to sing “Silent Night” in their Christmas program because it was considered “unconstitutional", even though it is not. In Davis, California, students at Emerson Junior High encountered problems when the play they planned to perform, Charles Dickens’ “ A Christmas Carol,” was banned because of—you guessed it—the word “Christmas.” Lest we forget, "Christmas" is a legal, federal holiday. "Winter Solstice" is not.

The list goes on. In Stockton, the school district warned teachers not to put up any poinsettias, Christmas trees or other decorations that would be considered festive, just to make sure they did not offend anyone. I guess no one ever told these educated idiots that everything offends someone, somewhere. For example, liberals offend me, but I am not calling to have them banned. (Well, maybe...)

And in Fort Worth, Texas, Santa was banned from classrooms because his visit was considered “endorsing religious activity.” It did not matter to the morons in power that Santa has nothing at all to do with the religious aspects of Christmas. It was not Santa who was born in a Manger. The ban was later overturned and the schools agreed Santa could come to the schools but not enter the classrooms.

In places like Santa Monica, the mere sight of a nativity scene on public property is supposedly a reason for outcry, although the "reason" is bogus - the Nativity scene offends no one. What offends those clowns is the simple fact that we (Christians) refuse to believe what they (atheists) believe. They truly think they have the right to destroy anything they do not like or agree with; that everyone must march in lock-step with them (think "Nazi"). In an age of “over-political correctness” schools and cities have taken things too far and taken the fun and meaning out of a holiday that’s been celebrated worldwide for years and years. Heaven forbid (can I still say "Heaven"?) that our children should have great and wonderful memories of this awesome holiday.

But are the atheists and loons on the left really so offended after all? Do they punch in on Christmas, and work? Do they require their children attend school on Christmas? Do they not take advantage of the bargains on Black Friday or CyberMonday? Do they refuse the gifts they get on Christmas?

The Grinches and Scrooges can cheat themselves out of the fun and festivities if they so desire, but they have NO right to deprive others of those great and wonderful things.

Yes, Virginia, there IS a war on Christmas - and Christianity, in general. The secular progressives on the left can mock us for recognizing it, but their derision is nothing more than a diversion. The question is, will Christians stand up to them and fight?

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