Monday, July 16, 2012

"You Did Not Build Your Business Yourself"

This has to be the stupidest - and most ignorant - remark Obama has ever made. He says if you built a business, you did not do it on your own.

He's full of you-know-what!

He says, "You needed the roads, the bridges etc...." Sure - but EVERYONE has access to those. You did not succeed BECAUSE of them. And in case he forgot - my taxes BUILT my share of the roads and bridges! I PAID FOR THEM! If not for successful businesses, which pay 68% of all taxes, there would not BE any roads and bridges.

Here's a fact for the Moron-In-Chief: I own a business and I DID build it myself. I did not get ANY help from ANYONE - especially not the government. In 1990 I was homeless. I owned NOTHING. I busted my butt and created my own business, all by my little self. I wrote a book. And then I marketed the book myself, without any agent or publisher. I agented myself, and self-published. I did it all - right down to shipping the books to the people who ordered them. And my business thrived - in SPITE of government intervention, excessive taxes and regulations.

I really wish this jerk would stop belittling everyone, and dividing us. His war on women, war on the wealthy, war on banks, war on Wall Street, and now this garbage.

But what can we expect from someone who never OWNED a business, never BUILT a business, and never even WORKED in a business in his whole life? Yet, he tries to tell "the folks" that he is just like "regular folks."



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