Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who Is Barak Obama?

This question still causes me concern - we know nothing of this man who is our president. For instance:

1) His records at Columbia - sealed
2) His records at Occidental - sealed
3) His records at Harvard - sealed
4) His records as an attorney - sealed
5) His college theses - sealed
6) How his college was funded - sealed
7) He has a Connecticut Social Security number - but never lived there
8) By his own adnission, his "autobiography" is fictional
9) His publisher claimed he was Muslim in the brochure that touted his book
10) Many have seen copies of his birth certificate, but no one has seen the original.

We know nothing about this man. He has been so meticulous in hiding his entire past. So why is he our president, and why is the liberal media so determined to keep him there?

He is asking for our vote. So we have a right to know who he is.


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