Thursday, July 5, 2012

Obama & U.N. Trying To Overturn Right To Bear Arms

The United Nations is set to vote on an international treaty that would regulate firearms throughout the world. Every signatory to the treaty would then be required to regulate and register ALL guns.

President Obama is joining the U.N. in its effort to destroy the 2nd Amendment, and is set to sign the treaty. And while the U.S. will not be held to it until the Senate votes on it, bear in mind THAT vote will come during the Lame Duck session of Congress - where the Senate can do whatever it wants, especially the Senators who got voted out! With nothing left to lose, outgoing liberal senators would undoubtedly vote for the treaty.

Bear in mind, too, that under the Supremacy clause of the Constitution, once the U.S. is a signatory to a treaty, there is no getting out of it. It cannot be undone. Treaties become a virtual part of the Constitution.

It is also worth noting that almost every nation that has regulated and registered guns has eventually confiscated those guns. The primary purpose of gun registration is to know where they are when the time comes to collect and confiscate them.

This is not Obamas first attempt to take our guns away. And I STRONGLY suspect that someday we will learn that Fast & Furious was designed to curb and regulate guns, and a border guard and hundreds of Mexicans died for it.


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