Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will ObamaCare Make Full-Time Jobs Obsolete?

One of the lesser known issues created by ObamaCare is the part that says once an employer reaches 50 or more employees, they MUST either provide (expensive) health insurance for all, OR pay a stiff penalty per employee.

And more and more businesses have found a way around this - to hire only part-time employees, or employees from a temp agency. This is because the ObamaCare stipulation applies to full-time positions, only.

So pull up your pants, folks, and brace yourselves - it will become increasingly difficult to find a full-time job as long as ObamaCare is on the books. Since health insurance per employee runs about $15,000-$20,000 per year, don't expect many employers to want to pay that price when they can simply convert to part-time, temps and subcontractors, and let their employees go on the government "Medicaid" plan.

This also means that millions of employees will lose their current insurance and be forced onto Medicaid, contrary to what the Democrats promised us.

If you are a working stiff - doesn't matter if you are Republican or Democrat - you need to take this seriously. Very seriously.


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