Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cutting Sampson's Hair

I look around at how things are going today and I see a resemblance to the Mighty Sampson. In the Bible we find the story of Sampson & Delilah. Sampson's great strength was in his long hair. Delilah cut his hair, which weakened Sampson so he could be beaten.

For the first 180 years of our natuion's history we were strong, and getting stronger every day. Our strength came from our faith, the value we placed on the sanctity of life and our deep desire for personal freedom and the right to choose our own destiny, without government intervention.

Then, beginning in the mid-1960's, the liberal Warren Court cut the Mighty Sampson's hair. The court kicked God out of schools and the public square, in a reversal of the meaning of the First Amendment - they replaced freedom OF religion with freedom FROM religion. Then they invented a Constitutional amendment that supposedly says women have a right to abort their babies, which, in one great swoop, totally destroyed the concept of "sanctity of life."

When our children see that life has so little value that it can simply be aborted because it is inconvenient, and when those same kids become adults without the benefit of religion in the public square (so they need not be embarrassed to be a believer), it is then that our children begin to grow up without the very values that made America strong. Without a belief that all life is precious, it becomes easy to whip out a gun and blow away a bunch of classmates. It becomes easier still when you do not believe you will have to answer for your actions in the Hereafter.

And ever since the liberal court of the FDR era, the courts have been systematically robbing us of our freedoms. The ridiculous expansion of the Commerce Clause that prevented farmers from growing crops for their own families without regulation comes to mind. And now ObamaCare, and many, many other SCOTUS atrocities (like when the court illegally changed the 5th Amendment from "publice USE" to "public BENEFIT", which now allows any local, state or federal government to steal your property and give it to someone who will give it a higher use).

The Mighty Sampson has fallen! Again.


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