Sunday, July 29, 2012

President Says "Trickle Down" Fails. Really?

In a recent speech (actually, several of them) President Obama makes the claim that "trickle down economics" does not work, and as "proof" he says it has not worked in the last decade.

Here's the problem - in the 225 year history of this country, "trickle down economics" worked for 215 years. And the only reason it has not worked well in the last 10 years is simply because government gets in the way by stifling free markets with strict regulations and controls and flooding the market with more paper money - not exactly "free markets."

Had the government stayed out of things, trickle down would have always worked.

But in no instance has "middle out" or "bottom up" economics ever worked anywhere on Earth where it was tried.

Once again, President Obama proves his ineptitude and ignorance in matters of economics.

Once more - the ONLY method of free market capitalism that works is "trickle down", as detailed by Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman. Wealth cannot go up, down or sideways until first it is created. And it is only created at the top by people who create products and provide services. So it MUST come down from the top. Only when wealth is CREATED by people on the bottom can wealth possibly "trickle up."


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