Friday, July 6, 2012

A Better Definition Of "Social Justice"

RAPE! That's right, rape. That is what social justice is. Forcing someone to give up something that belongs to them, taking it by force. It is an assault, without the sex.

John has a lot of money, so take a bunch from him and give it to someone with less. Mary worked hard to be Valedictorian, but let's have FIVE Valedictorians, so those who did not do as well can "feel good". Meanwhile, Mary's efforts are lost in the shuffle, no longer special.

Bobby won the PineWood Derby because he built a faster car. But everyone gets a ribbon, so his win is not really recognized.

Joe Blow never bothered going to school, never cared to improve his lot in life. He overeats, consumes junk food and becomes unhealthy. So let's force others to pay for his medical care via Obamacare.

Those who espouse "social justice" try to use the bogus excuse that it is what Jesus would do. But that is untrue. In fact, Jesus often spoke AGAINST social justice, as in his parable of the talents, and the story of not sowing your seed on barren ground or among the brambles. And He ALWAYS made it a point that, in order to be worthy, the acts of kindness must be voluntary - you must do it because you WANT to, not because you are forced to.

Social justice is a kind of rape, plain and simple. After all, in order to ensure social justice, what about the person who has no significant other? Why, that's just not fair! George has three girlfriends, but Ken has none. Perhaps the government should take one of George's girlfriends away and force her to submit to Ken - all in the name of fairness, of course.

But would that not be rape?

There is only one "justice" - and it has nothing to do with "equality". It has to do with what is right. In the case of wealth, it is justice for those who earn it to keep what they want, give what they want, do what they want with what they earned.

Justoice is TRUE fairness, not the bogus fairness espoused by the "social justice" crowd. If I earn a dollar, it is fair that I should decide how I will spend it. If I make bad choices, it is fair for me to face the consequences of those choices.

Social Justice - nothing more than a liberal talking point used to legalize theft from one person to give to another. A refusal to accept the simple fact that in life there are winners AND losers. After all, if no one loses, then no one can win, either. What would you win?

Mother Nature tells us what is right and wrong. In nature, nothing can live unless something else dies. Nothing! In other words - winners and losers. Think about that. Every living thing consumes other living things, or the residue from other living things that have died. You live only because vegetables and meats die so you can get your caloric intake.

Liberals really need to get a grip on reality and understand that not only is it wrong to try and "fool Mother Nature", but it is also useless. Nature wins in the end.


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