Saturday, July 21, 2012

Janet Napolitano (Home Security) Has Got To Go

It has been brought to attention that the head of Homeland Security, Janet Naploitano, is either inept and incompetent or simply does not care about our security. Here are just the latest findings:

1) She does not believe Fast & Furious was an issue worthy of the attention of Homeland Security

2) She stated that the drones flyoing over American skies are not a concern of Homeland Security, even though it has been proved that the drones can be hacked and used by terrorists

3) It came to light at a Congressional hearing on Wednesday that illegal immigrants who are ALSO on the "No Fly List' are not being vetted at flight schools, and can still get a license to fly. When asked, Napolitano was in denial, saying, "It has been taken care of", when in fact it was still happening on Thursday.

Napolitano is not taking our security seriously, and appears to only be interested in being another brain-dead figurehead that doesn't actually want to DO anything. She hasw become just another Washington politician. An empty suit. That is not what we need in charge of Homeland Security.


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