Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What This Election Is REALLY about

If there is one thing certain in this election cycle it is simply that it is the most important election of our lifetime. It is this election that will decide whether America will be Big Government or Small Government. That's it in a nutshell, except...

Except that many people do not know just exactly what that entails.

We must first understand one simple concept - there is just "X" amount of power. Whenever government increases its power, we, the People lose that same amount. And when we, the People, gain power, the government must give it up.

So, it is really about where the power will lie. Will it lie with the People, as the Founding Fathers and founding documents said it should be, or will the power rest with the government?

It is important to note that when the government has less power than the people, the government is the servant. But the reverse also holds true. A Big Government America will virtually make serfs of us all. No longer a government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, it will be a government that is served by the people.

Whenever we give government more power, we relinquish our own, and with the loss of power goes our liberties. As one small example, we gave local governments the power to create and enforce zoning. And now property owners no longer have any real control over their own property - in all cases you need permits to build, and in many cases you can't build at all. The government got power, and the people lost some freedom.

Since FDR, Americans have given up nearly 60% of their liberties and freedoms that so many have died to protect.

And as Ben Franklin said so adequately, "Any person who is willing to give up liberty for security deserves neither."

So now you know the real stakes in November - will Americans choose to be rulers of their own destiny, with a government that simply creates an environment for us to do so safely, or will we choose a Nanny State and give up our liberty - and our self-respect?

We need to get out and vote. But even more important, we need to set "party" aside and vote for the people who are most apt to provide the government we want, even if they may not be our ideal candidate in other matters. Because unless and until we choose which kind of government we want, nothing else will really matter much.

It's our choice. Choose wisely.


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