Thursday, July 12, 2012

Romney, Obama and Wealth

I find it inconsistent that the Democrats are trying to slam Romney for his wealth when Obams has his fundraisers with the uber-wealthy Wintours and George Clooney types, and calls upon Wall Street fat cats for and private equity folks contributions.

What bothers me about Obama's message is that we should  only want someone who has not been successful to run for president. Is that what we want? A loser? You can't be successful and run the country? I don't know how Democrats really feel about it but I want somebody who has been successful to run my country. And few people have been more successful in more endeavors than Romney.

And I'm so tired of hearing that the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. Yeah we are. According to the IRS, the top 5% of earners in this country are paying over 40% of all taxes. The bottom 49% of workers pay nothing at all. And THAT is what is unfair. Just because they make less should not get them a free ride. But to say that wealthy individuals are not paying their fair is not only unfair, but delusional as well.

As Obama supporter Peebles said, attacking the wealthy for working hard, smart and being successful is "like going to school and the bullies picking on the A-students, calling them nerds and so forth. So, what do we want, a whole school of dummies?"

So now the Obama campaign takes it a step further and attacks Romney for a Swiss account and an offshore corporation. Um, last I heard, neither is illegal, and there has been not one iota of evidence to suggest he did not pay his fair share of taxes on that money. And even Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz and other Democratic leaders have similar holdings.

And I can guarantee that many of Obamas biggest supporters and donors have offshore accounts and holdings.

What it all boils down to is that Obama wants to demonize the wealthy and penalize their success - that is precisely what Saul Alinski and Karl Marx called for. So call it what you will - it still amounts to the same thing.

Now, on the one hand we have a candidate who succeeds in everything he tackles. On the other hand, we have a president who never accomplished anything of note, and those few things he has done since being elected has been a disaster. I would call a $15 trillion debt, 8.2% unemployment rate and a dead economy a lot of things, but I would NOT call it success.

But I still wish the Republicans would elect West/Rubio.


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