Friday, July 13, 2012

GOOGLE's Greed Costs Many Thousands of Jobs

I have often written how Google abuses its power and influence in an effort to reshape the entire world into what IT wants, and for its own profit. Here is perhaps the best proof of all.

In 2011, and again in 2012, Google unleashed new, destructive algorithms for their search engine. I'll try to use layman's terms to explain.

Millions of businesses use Search Engine Optimization to get their websites listed in the Top 10 for the search terms they use to draw visitors. For example, a company that offers weight loss treatments would optimize their site to rank well for the search term WEIGHT LOSS.

Those millions of businesses employ many millions of people. So, if the business loses its ranking so web surfers cannot find their web page, they lose a lot of business - often forcing them out of business. This, in turn, causes a lot of unemployment.

The problem in Google's eys is that businesses who get high rankings do not need to use Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click. Google figured that if they destroyed the "natural" rankings of so many businesses, those businesses would have to then PAY Google Adwords to get back on page 1.

So, Google unleashed what was named PANDA, and that disrupted the natural search results, forcing millions of businesses to use pay-per-click. Either that, or go out of business. But what this also did was ruin the search results being provided by Google - no longer was it possible to get honest, natural results when you do a search. This cheats the search user as well as the businesses.

In 2012, Google went a LOT further and set loose PENGUIN. This algo change was a hundred times more disruptive. Now, Google search results are almost useless - you get results according to what Google wants you to see, rather than honest businesses that earned a good reputation and therefore were well ranked. The search results are now crap, and millions of people lose their jobs, or businesses lose income - all so Google can boost their own profits ever higher.

All of the Panda and Penguin updates so far in 2012 have been about one thing: Making more money and achieving corporate/share-holder growth targets for Google. By turning the natural rankings upside down and thus collapsing the cash-flow of so many businesses, Google has immediately increased global AdWords spend (and individual bid-prices along with it unfortunately) and caused massive job losses.

And no one can do a thing about it. Except...

Stop using Google. Use BING, instead. Bing results are honest and still natural - you will get more meaningful results. Current Google search results are now the lowest quality they have ever been. The volume of bland sites with little or no useful information that are now ranking is quite simply astounding. And I would strongly recommend that you try out Bing for your own personal searches now; as I think you'll quickly find the returned results far more useful than the majority of rubbish that comes back from Google.

No company - Hell, no GOVERNMENT - should have that kind of power of people.
And Google abuses their power - they started the Egyptian uprising (by their own admission) which has resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood takeover. They destroy honest businesses just to make another buck. They don't give a hoot that the folks using Google are being conned with unnatural search results. They have been found to have illegally tapped into peoples WiFi all over the country as they created their "street views". And now they are using drones to spy on everyone - they can even look into your windows!

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