Friday, July 13, 2012

Fair - According To Obama Democrats

Well, now there is no confusion - the democrats have finally made it clear as to what they think is fair.

Today, democrats came out with this little gem - "If you are a working person, you should get used to the idea of working until age 70."

Pretty innocuous on the surface. But think about what ELSE they are saying. "Get your food stamps here; apply for disability. If you don't want to work, the government will take care of you. Free housing; free insurance..."

So, on the one hand they tell loafers not to worry - the Nanny State will take good care of them. But to working stiffs, they say, "You will have to bust your butt until you die so we can give these people over here a free ride."

Yep - that's fair - according to democrats.

Maybe it's time we started calling the working class what the Democrats really think they are - the slave class that does the work and pays the bills while the lazy, shiftless "Massas" sit back and get a free ride..


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