Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Obama Traced To John Punch, Slave #1 - NOT!

The liberal media are all over a report by Ancestry.com that says President Obama's lineage on his white mother's side goes back to John Punch, the first American black slave. But the story adds a minor caveat - they cannot prove it! But that does not stop the liberal media who are dying to "legitimize" Obama as a descendant of "The Black Struggle".

According to Ancestry.com. Obama MAY have been descended from John Punch through a man who may or may not have been Punch's son. But they quietly note that there is no record to prove that the Virginia tobacco farmer related to Obama and who owned 450 acres of land was actually the son of John Punch, a slave.

The liberal media "surmises" that Punch married a white woman, whose children were raised as white and could therefore be landowners. But again, there is no record to connect the two men. It is nothing more than a baseless assumption. Hey, does that mean I can be descended from George Washington just by assuming it?

But liberals do not care if it can be proved or not - to them, just the suggestion that it MIGHT be so is good enough for them to proclaim it IS so. Like evolution. Or global warming.

Meanwhile, the liberals have no interest in checking on Obama's ancestry on his black father's side, since he was Kenyan, and to this day many black Kenyans are still slave traders. The odds Obama is related to someone who sold people into slavery is not something they would like to discover.


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