Sunday, July 15, 2012

Does "God Particle" End Debate On Religion?

OK, so science may have found a particle they refer to as the "God Particle". And some say that means religion is now obsolete. In fact, some idiot theoretical physicist from Arizona State University named Lawrence M. Krauss says yes - we no longer need any "God", and He does not exist.


These moronic atheists who think they are so smart just drive me nuts with their stupidity. OK, so maybe there is such a particle, and it may be the basis of the universe. So what? To ignorant people like  Krauss I simply would ask, "OK, wise guy, tell me - who created the God particle? Where did IT come from?"

This reminds me of the story about how science finally replicates what God did - create a human life from the dust of the Earth. The scientist tells God, "We don't need you anymore - we can create life."

And God says, "OK - show me."

So the scientist picks up a handful of earth to start.

God interrupts and says, "Oh no, buddy - make your own earth."


Maybe there was a Big Bang, and perhaps there is a minute particle that is responsible for the Big Bang. That still does nothing to suggest there is no God. It's just like the big, gaping hole in the theorty of evolution - even if evolution occurs, we had to evolve from SOMETHING. So, where did that "something" come from".

To all the atheists and ignorant "scientists" out there - don't get caught up into thinking that everything is one-sided - that things are either this or that. You can have evolution AND Creation. Creation is just that - the beginning. From there, perhaps evolution takes over to help us adapt to a changing world. One does not negate the other, nor does either one have to exist exclusive of the other.

Science does not even know what is on the bottom of the ocean. Yet they pretend to know that there is no God. Lest we forget, science once taught the Earth was flat (while the Bible had ALWAYS taught it was a globe, in Genesis).


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