Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will This Really Be A Close Election?

I am about to make another prediction (my predictions are running at 87% correct over the last 5 years). I predict that, contrary to EVERY poll and EVERY pundit, I think Romney will beat Obama by a substantial margin.

The arrogance and socialist-like policies of the current administration, along with the deteriorating economy and many of the administrations "fictions" (otherwise known as "lies") are catching up to them. And in that, I believe a lot of Americans - Republicans, Independents, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and, yes, even some Democrats - who are not "registered voters" or "likely voters" will get around to registering and voting in an attempt to stop the destruction. Almost no one except socialists and communists like where we are headed.

I think the polls are wrong because they do not include those millions who normally would just sit back and say, "Hell, my vote won't matter much, so I'll just go duck hunting that day."

I think we'll see a turnout on the right that will make the 2008 turnout of the left look pathetic.

I also believe that many of the "voters" who say they will vote for Obama actually will not. They might if they actually went to the polls, but I think many of them simply won't bother. The fire of "Hope and Change" that got out of control and burned down the economy is now just smouldering embers. When the fire is gone, people do not vote.

So, I repeat - I would wager Romney wins by at least 4%, and if he picks Rubio or West as his VP, that would go up to 5-6%.


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