Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Democrats BackTrack on Voter ID When It Suits Them

Charlie Rangel (D) was declared the winner in the primary for his NY district, despite his many ethics violations in the House. It was discovered, however, that 15 percent of the precincts in the 13th--many in Washington Heights and the South Bronx where his opponent, Espaillat, a Dominican, was expected to perform well-- hadn't even been counted. This prompted Espaillat to reach out to the State Supreme Court, who is expected to a hold a hearing on the matter Monday afternoon.

But guess what? Suddenly the Democrats are concerned about voter fraud. An official for Rangel, while conceding that Rangel's lead will continue to drop, doubts the recount will reverse the outcome of the race. “A lot of them were probably Dominicans excited over Espaillat’s campaign who simply weren’t registered to vote or maybe not even citizens,” the strategist said. “Most of those ballots will be thrown out.”

Gee! Imagine that. When they stand to lose, they suddenly claim that it is due to the very voter fraud that the Democrats have been saying does not exist. And I would ask what makes "the strategist" think that "most of those ballots" for Espaillat were cast by illegals.

Watch out, Espaillat - if anyone takes their eye off the ball, Rangel's people will put the torch to many of your votes. We already know Rangel is a crook and will stop at nothing to retain power.


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