Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Proof The Far Left Are Lunatics

I recently recieved a comment from someone who did not even have the courage to add his name to his hysterical rant. His final paragraph was

"Sadly, this incident is further proof that there are some on the right [Ed note: he's referring to me] who are attempting to block the Obamas at every turn, for one reason alone. They hate them unconditionally. They can blame their disdain on Obama being a "socialist" or "Communist" or whatever other ridiculous, extreme label they want to slap on our POTUS and his wife. But ultimately, the real word they can't stand -- and the real reason they're giving Michelle and Barack a hard time in America -- is "black." Enough with this hate speech and admit you can't stand that a black man is President. It's as pathetic and your disgraceful attempt to deny this fact!"

So, this clown thinks I am racist, and just cannot stand it that a black person is president. Seems these lunatics never even think that we may dislike Obama because of his dangerous policies. Oh, no - it MUST be his skin color. It CAN'T be the 8.2% unemployment rate, the $15 trillion debt, the higher taxes, the over-reach of his governance, his tendancy to do end-runs around Congress (and therefore, around Democracy). It can't have anything to do with helping Holder hide what happened in Fast & Furious, or all the new regulations (36,000+) that stifle business. Nope! Gotta be his color.

Well, I have a newsflash for this bigoted racist - I do not care the color of skin. It is common knowlege that MY "dream ticket" is Allen West/Marco Rubio. For benefit of the dolts on the far left who may not have noticed, neither is "white". So it's hard to swallow that somehow I am racist because I strongly disagree with the damage Obama is doing to America. Hey, lunatic, tell me - since YOU were opposed to Bush, are YOU a racist? Did you hate him because he was white? Isn't it telling that your hate for Bush was because of POLICIES, but my dislike for Obama must be because of his "color".

And it is a fact that most black people vote for Obama ONLY BECAUSE he is part black (in case the loons forgot, he is only 12% black). And we know this because 92% still plan on voting for him IN SPITE OF the black unemployment rate skyrocketing during his term, and despite his pro-gay marriage stance (most people of color are not in favor of gay marriage). If they are voting against their own best interests, then you know it's because of color, and not common sense.

The rest of this moron's rant was so bad, so filthy, so full f hate that I will not post it. They say the folks on the right are full of hate, but the vast majority of the hate seems to be coming from idiots like this, on the far left.

Open your eyes - in almost every instance of political violence, it is the left, the union thugs, the wide-eyed loons. In almost every instance of hate-filled rhetoric, it is coming from someone on the left.

New studies have shown that conservatives tend to be far happier than liberals. Maybe that explains a lot. Unhappy people often use violence and hate. Happy people don't waste time on such things.

Just for the record - the only thing in God's universe that I hate is evil. I do not hate any living person. But I do reserve the right to disagree with people, and to dislike them.


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