Monday, October 11, 2010

Whatever Became of Transparency?

Remember the promise of TRANSPARENCY?

Obama's hidden records: Why are these off limits?

1. Certified copy of original birth certificate. (I am not a "birther", but this is still an unanswered question - no original copy has been produced to date, so this question remains pertinent here concerning transparency)

2. Columbia University transcripts sealed.

3. Columbia thesis paper sealed.

4. Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups. (millions were donated via untraceable pre-paid cards which could have come from anywhere - even Iran or China)

5. Harvard University transcripts sealed.

6. Illinois State Senate records limited access.

7. Illinois State Senate schedule limited access.

8. Law practice client list and billing records/summary

9. Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mother

10. Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)

11. Occidental College Transcripts hidden.

12. Parent’s marriage Certificate not available.

13. Record of baptism.

14. Did Obama Actually Ever Register for Selective Service?

15. Schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007

16. Passport records for all passports.

17. Scholarly articles not available.

18. SAT and LSAT test scores not available.

19. Access to his grandmother in Kenya.

20. List of all campaign workers that are lobbyists.

21. Punahou grade school records.

22. Noelani Kindergarten records are oddly missing from the the State of Hawaii Department of Education.

23. Obama 1964 Divorce Papers - 13 Pages - Missing Pg 11.

24. Why isn’t Barack Obama still a member of the Illinois bar and where are all of the relevant documents?

25. Why isn’t Michelle Obama still a member of the Illinois bar, after only about four years of practice, and where are all of the relevant documents?

Anyone who cares about their country would be very concerned that a POTUS had hidden every scrap of information of his life that he possibly could. These are pretty easy things to produce. Why are they all missing or sealed? For what purpose?

Just we all should be.


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