Friday, October 8, 2010

Obama Indicates He Is Not President of the U.S.

Let's get something straight right at the start - anyone elected to be the POTUS is supposed to be the President of ALL people in the U.S. But Mr. Obama does not believe that, nor does he act accordingly. Rather, he has set himself up, publicly, as the President of the Democrats and Liberals of the United States. A President is not supposed to take sides of one American against another. But he does it all the time.

I have gone over several hundred tapes, and in every case where Obama got in front of the camera he made it a point to be partisan - to slam Republicans at every opportunity. Sometimes for no other reason than they are Republican.

He constantly insults Republicans. I am Republican. He forever condemns the Tea Party. I am a Tea Party member. And he degrades Fox News viewers as uninformed. I watch Fox and I am very well informed. In short, Obama spends his Presidency insulting ME, personally. Yet he expects me to consider him my president. Well, Mr. President, when you start ACTING like my president then I could then accept you on that basis.

Never once did we see President Bush do that.

Mr. Obama, if you cannot act like EVERYONE'S president, without bias, then you should step down and let a real leader step up to the plate. Someone who wants to represent ALL Americans, and not just those who agree with your personal ideology.

You are a disgrace, Mr. President. And I am beginning to suspect that when you got up to the podium the other day, proclaiming to be President, that it was an Act of God that the Presidential Seal fell off the podium. At the very least, it would appear to be an omen.

Mr. Obama, you were elected to be the President of ALL Americans. Start acting like you know what that means. It means setting your partisan ideology aside, leaving that to Congress, as THEY were elected to represent their party. You were not! Stop acting like a cheap community organizer and start acting like a President or get out of the way for someone who will. Even Biden would be more qualified - at least he understands what integrity is.


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