Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stewart/Colbert Rally in DC

Today was the day of the "big" rally for sanity (?).

Let's start by saying the Glenn Beck rally estimate officially came in at between 300,000-500,000. Aerial phots back that up as well.

For this rally, they only pulled a permit for a maximum number of 60,000, so even if they max their permit they will only do no more than 20% as well. Yet, if you go on the blogs, they are saying this rally "dwarfs" the Beck rally, which is, frankly, impossible. Park police enforce the permit estimates.

It is amazing how many people have drunk so much kool-aid that they actually believe 60,000 is somehow bigger than 500,000. Must be the new math in those liberal schools.

And again, 60,000 is the MAXIMUM allowed. It is very doubtful the rally has drawn anywhere near that. As evidence, it has been discovered that "wide angle" shots of the crowd are not being allowed to air, and no aerial photos of the crowd have been made available.

I kind of feel sorry for these people. It is sad to see them try to live with their delusions. Maybe Tuesday will wake some of them up to reality, but more likely it will just make them angrier, more hateful and more violent.

Frankly, what I liked most about the Beck rally is that signs were not allowed, and neither was politics. At this rally and the SEIU rally on 10/2, it was nothing BUT political.

I think politics should be banned from DC rallies on the Mall...


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