Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fixing What's Broken

Our nation faces some serious problems. But all are easily fixed if our Congress would only be willing to do the right thing.

JOBS: Make businesses want to stay in America. Make those who left want to return. Create a friendly, profitable place. Reduce corporate taxes, currently 35%, to a set 15%. Reduce the power of unions. Let the free market do what it does best - create an environment for growth.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Require all employers to use e-verify. Any employer caught with illegal workers who do not pass e-verify would be fined $100,000 per illegal employee. Schools should also require e-verify before accepting any student. If they cannot work or educate their children they will self-deport. We will not have to find them or deport.

ANCHOR BABIES: If under age 5, they go back with their parents. If they choose to return after they turn 18, without their parents, they are free to do so, as they are American. Their parents are not. Over age 5 and the parents can petition to stay and get a green card only after paying a stiff fine for having broken our laws.

DRUG CARTELS IMPORTING TO AMERICA: Execute them on the spot if caught, or at least treat them as terrorists, tried by a military tribunal as enemy combatants. They are guilty of either invasion or otherwise trying to overthrow our government, as they are already doing in Mexico.

DEFICIT & DEBT: Levy a 25% import tax on all goods from China. Use the money to pay down our debt to them. They cannot refuse - they need American consumers. Yes, it will result in higher prices at WalMart, but it will bring back financial health to America which will benefit us more in the long run. It will also encourage "buying American", making it more profitable for American businesses, and giving them reason to stay here in the U.S. Let China pay off our debt to them.

HEALTH CARE: Strip anything in the law that does not pertain to health care. Set aside anything that comes at substantial cost. Then add tort reform and the ability to shop in other states for insurance. This will bring costs down. Then take up those items that were set aside, and ask the people which of those items they are willing to pay the price for. Like ordering options when buying a new car.

SOCIAL SECURITY: First, all incoming funds are not to be used for anything else. The huge amount collected annually is in the billions. The SS Administration could make those funds available to growth businesses on a BIDDING basis - corporations can bid on any portion of those funds. In this way, 1) businesses can grow quickly, creating jobs; 2) the SS fund will get an immediate influx of cash from successful bidders; and 3) the funds, invested in the business, will receive a guaranteed dividend, regardless of economic conditions. Any business that cannot pay the dividend would be required to sell off whatever they must to reimburse the SS Administration for the funds invested. EXAMPLE: a business wants $2 billion dollars to expand. They bid $200,000 for the right to receive $2 billion. That $2 billion would be invested as a preferred stock with a guaranteed minimum dividend. If another business offers more, or a higher guaranteed m,inimum dividend, then it wins and gets the $2 billion.

HIGH COST OF PUBLIC WORKS: Offer corporations - or even wealthy individuals - the right to "adopt" a public works project, in whole or in part. In return they would have the right to advertise accordingly. For example, a lodge in Yellowstone requires refurbishing. If Geico wants to pay the cost of refurbishing, they can name it GEICO LODGE, and advertise within. This could save taxpayers billions a year in taxes. Local governments could do the same for local projects. Not unlike the rich person who donates a wing on the hospital just to have his name on a plaque.

These are just a few examples. NONE would cost us any money to speak of, but will produce results.


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