Monday, October 18, 2010

Is It Really "Immigration"?

In Germany, Chancellor Merkel said their multicultural immigration policy is not working. It appears that Muslims are "immigrating" into Germany - and almost all countries - in large numbers. They do not assimmilate - they simply set up Islamic mini-countries within the host country.

The same thing is happening throughout Europe, and even in North America. In the United States, the Islamic community is not the only one that does not assimilate - the Mexican community is doing the same thing. They come, refuse to assimilate, set up their own communities and pretty much ignore American culture and even its laws. In fact, they insist on incorporating THEIR laws and culture, trying to impose Sharia law in America, for example, and flying flags of their homeland, and not flying the American flag.

Some people still refer to this as immigration. It is not. It is infiltration. These cultures are infiltrating the host nations who permit multiculturalism (non-assimilation) and from there they have every intention of spreading, like a cancer.

France is already in trouble with its huge muslim population, as is the Netherlands, and now Germany. England is also on the verge of losing its control over the muslim population in that once great nation.

In America it is not yet too late - but soon will be if we don't wake up and give the heave-ho to multiculturalism and liberal ideas on open borders. Multiculturalism, coupled with liberal Political Correctness will be America's suicide pact if we do not stop it.

I am not saying we should keep other cultures from coming to America. What I am saying is if someone comes here, they should be required to assimilate, or go home. This is not Mexico, and it is not Yemen. This is America. Come here if you wish, but you had better understand you need to assimilate, and become American. You fly the AMERICAN flag. You learn ENGLISH. And you abide by OUR laws.

Otherwise, you are not welcome to stay.


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