Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Thinkin'

Yesterday, NPR fired one of their news analysts, Juan Williams. Juan is often the liberal viewpoint on several Fox News shows. He has always been fair, reasonable (most of the time) and is certainly not a bigot of any kind. I am conservative, but I like and respect Juan. He is one liberal you can actually have a discourse with, without him twisting everything out of shape with liberal talking points.

NPR supposedly fired him for a comment he made on Fox on Tuesday night's "Factor".

But I'm thinking that was not the reason they fired him - only their excuse for doing so.

Juan is a liberal, true. But he is not far left, and he is not always rigidly politically correct.

Now think about this - this is the week of NPR's fundraising drive. And coincidentally, the powerful person who is on the far left of the far left, and a known anti-semite, anti-black and anti-Fox News - George Soros - just donated 1.8 million bucks to NPR. A far-left, racist kook who hates Fox donates 1.3 million, and suddenly a black, not-so-far-left news analyst who is a Fox contributor is fired.

Say what you will, but I learned early in life that there is no such thing as coincidence. When you add 1+1, it is no coincidence that the result is 2.

It matters not if you are liberal or conservative - no one should be finding any reason to excuse the firing of a man simply for exercising his freedom of speech. And every one of us should be calling on the Congress to end taxpayer funding of NPR. Particularly since so much of their other funding is coming from the far, far left, and influencing their decisions. Anything funded by taxpayers should be fair and balanced, and unbiased. That does not describe NPR.

It's time to pull the plug. And it's time we all stood up to be counted. Contact your congressman (while they are still in office) and tell them to stop funding NPR.


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