Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Can Make Election Campaigns More Honest

Every election season it is the same old crap - politicians often resorting to smears and personal attacks instead of standing on his or her record and on policies - a PLATFORM.

And it can get nasty - and very dishonest.

None of us like that sort of campaign mudslinging, and more often than not it serves no purpose other than to divide us even further, which is something we as a nation certainly do not need. So, what to do?

That's easy - we, the people have it within our power to put a stop to the dishonest, unsavory antics of the Graysons' and Browns' simply by refusing to vote for any candidate that reduces the mentality of their campaign to personal attacks and smears. If we stop voting for them, they will have to stop using such tactics. Stand up to YOUR representatives and tell them flat out - if they use smears or personal attacks in their campaigns, you will vote for the opponent. Period. And then follow through.

If enough people do this, it will be quite clear to all remaining politicians that we simply are not going to tolerate the BS anymore. Be civil, be honest, tell us what you stand for, or get lost - we do not need you.

That simple.


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