Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How To Fix An Election, NY Style

The MOVE ACT is a federal mandate that every state send absentee ballots to its militasry personnel and overseas voters not later than 45 days before an election.

The New York State Board failed to send out ballots to all their 320,000 military and overseas voters, in direct violation of the law.

The Department of Justice gave them an extra two weeks to comply. Again, New York failed to send the ballots.

What makes this particularly disturbing is the fact that New York is a very liberal state. And studies consistently show that military personnel are predominantly Republican. For those who doubt this, all you need to remember is that liberals are anti-war and anti-gun, and far less apt to sign up for military duty.

A thinking person cannot help but see a possible correlation between the liberal nature of New York politicians and the fact that ballots are not being provided to a third of a million possible Republicans.

A third of a million votes, in the most contentious election in New York in half a century. Coincidence? Not likely.

Several other Democrat led states also failed to get out absentee ballots to our soldiers, but apparently did meet their extension date, but only under threat of legal action.

Folks, if anyone has a right to vote it is the men and women who are risking their lives to keep America free and strong. If you live in New York, send the state board a strong message on November 2nd.


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Jim Dahl said...

Hi Bill,

Just another blatant violation of the will of the people. What they can't "fix" the 85% liberal media will.

Jim Dahl