Thursday, October 14, 2010

The (One-Sided) View

Today on "The View", a show watched only by bored liberal housewives waiting for their daily soap operas, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off-stage because Bill O'Reilly was expressing HIS view. Apparently, those liberal ladies believe their view is the only view, and no one has a right to disagree.

Frankly, while it showed they have no class - and even Barbara Walters said as much - it showed even less class when they returned. The show would be much better if they had left permanently. Behar is hateful, vicious and enjoys spreading lies. She has repeatedly insulted Christians, the Church, Tea Partiers, Republicans and just about everyone else who is not a personal friend of George Soros. Whoopi, usually more reserved than Behar will all too often show her real colors with hot-button issues. Neither is tolerant of the views of others, which indicates they do not belong on a show called "The View".

Perhaps "The View" should be renamed to "The Liberal View", or "The One-Sided View". Or even "No Joy With Joy".

Two people on "The View" show any class at all - Ms. Walters, a liberal whom I respect, and Elizabeth Hasslbeck, the lone conservative whom I also respect.

And that, too, is very telling - a show that has three or four liberals and only one token conservative. Makes one wonder if "The View" has a very limited view, and one that is not really worth watching.


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