Thursday, October 28, 2010

Are You Unemployed?

Are you unemployed? If your answer is "yes", then I must ask - WHY?

Yes, I know the economy is trashed. And I know high taxes and unions have driven jobs out of America. But I also know something else - there is no excuse for not earning your own way unless you are physically or mentally incapable.

Before I proceed, and offer life-saving suggestions on how you can overcome unemployment, I would like to relate a true story.

While waiting for my flight at Logan Airport in Boston several years ago, i encountered a 10 year old boy in a wheelchair. He was quadraplegic - the only thing he could move was his head. And the only way he could communicate was with a stick in his mouth, typing on a computer keyboard attached to his chair.

If anyone on planet Earth had an excuse to live off entitlements, this was that person. But he did not see it that way. In my discourse with the boy, I discovered something amazing - him! Although he was only 10, and quadraplegic, that did not stop him. He used that stick and keyboard to write a very upbeat, inspiring book on overcoming life's "little obstacles". The books he wrote were earning him a very good living.

That said, I will now ask you again - why are YOU unemployed?

Short of being on your death bed, there is something you can do to earn your way. Trust me - I will show you. Over the next few days I will post articles with suggestions on things you can do, now, to earn a living without having to stoop to dependency on others. Your pride will stay intact, and you will feel much, much more satisfied with life.

So, here is a good place to start. First, decide to be self-sufficient and self-supporting. Get off the couch, stand, look in a mirror and say, "I am a capable person. I am neither stupid nor lazy. I can do this. I can make my life better. I do not need any government or corporation to validate me. I can provide my own self-worth."

And then decide how. The next few posts will hopefully fuel your imagination. Perhaps none of these suggestions will be right for you, but they should certainly plant good seed in your imagination, and get you thinking as to what you CAN do. And when you come up with something that works for you, be sure to let me know.

So here is the first idea...

Errands 'n More

There are many busy people in every community. Too busy to want to waste precious time and energy on mundane errands and tasks. Make up some fliers and business cards telling folks that you will take care of those pesky errands for them. Everything from pet-sitting and dog walking, to shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or hanging the storm windows. There really is no end to the tasks you can do for people.

You will need:

1) fliers and possibly business cards
2) a schedule book / dayplanner
3) a phone, preferably cell so you don't miss any calls
4) reliable transportation
5) any necessary tools if you include tasks that require tools, like a snow shovel

That's about it. You can start this business for as little as $25.00

You would soon discover that many of your clients will schedule you for regular tasks, daily, weekly or monthly. In no time you will be busier than a three-legged mouse in a barn full of cats.

As a possible offshoot, particularly this time of year, you could include Christmas shopping among your errands.

Think about that. But more important, accept the fact that you can earn your own way. There are as many methods and ideas as there are people. And when you succeed, you will feel secure in the knowledge that you are not likely to fire you, or lay you off.

Tomorrow I will offer up Idea #2.


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