Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Voter Fraud Never Stops

Over the last few days I have cited several blatant examples of voter fraud, in every case by Democrats. Now some new issues have risen.

In Florida a commissioner has been arrested for voter fraud. In Bucks County Pennsylvania, 500 fraudulent absentee ballots have been found (all Democrat). Again, in Alabama another Democrat was arrested and sentenced for voter fraud.

But the scariest issue is what is happening in Nevada, and here is an update. As you know if you have been reading this blog, Republicans who went to vote early found the electronic ballots already had Harry Reid's checkbox checked. Today we learn that those voting machines in Nevada are serviced and maintained by none other than SEIU - the very union that has so heavily invested in getting Obama elected. The former head of SEIU has visited the White House more than any other person. And many times Obama has cited his affinity and affiliation with SEIU.

And they maintain and service the voting machines that just happen to already have Dirty Harry's name checked off. Hm-m-m.

I find it very troubling that there are so many instances of major voter fraud throughout the country, involving hundreds if not thousands of Democrats. I find it even more disturbing that more perps are not going to jail for this.

Perhaps we should insist the next Congress take this issue up in earnest, and find better ways to regulate the voting system.


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