Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Big Lie

I don't think I am the only one who is tired of being lied to on a constant basis by partisan spinmeisters. And one of the biggest, most consistent lies is the one about the big, bad corporations supporting Republicans while the Democrats have to rely upon the support of the "little people".

So I decided to do some research. Feel free to check these stats out for yourself. Of the TOP TEN donors to politicians, most of them contribute to the Democrats, not the Republicans. Here are examples from the Top 10...

Time Warner -- $20 million to candidates, the vast majority of whom were Democrats. Currently, the company's top five contribution recipients are Patrick Leahy (Vt.), Barbara Boxer (Calif.), Howard Berman (Calif.), Harry Reid (Nev), and Charles Schumer (N.Y.). All are Democrats.

JPMorgan -- $20.3 million - Currently, the company's top beneficiaries include New York Democrats Kirsten Gillibrand and Scott Murphy, as well as Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln

Microsoft -- $21 million - For the most part, Microsoft's money has gone to Democrat candidates from the Pacific Northwest.

Citigroup -- $27.5 million - In 2010, three of its top candidates were New York Democrats: Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Representative Joseph Crowley.

Goldman Sachs -- $36.7 million - In the 2009/2010 election season, most of its money has gone to Democrat candidates, including Nevada's Harry Reid and New York Representative Michael McMahon

AT&T -- $45.6 million In the 2009-2010 cycle, its biggest contribution was $30,000 directly to the campaign of Nevada Senator Harry Reid

And for those who think Republican donors may be coming from overseas (of which ZERO evidence has been brought forward), most of the above mentioned corporation have earnings from foreign nations, so some of those contributions could be from foreign sources.

The next time someone tells you that the Republicans are in the pocket of corporations, you may now set them straight with the facts.

Oh - and seven of the wealthiest Congressmen are Democrats, with John Kerry the wealthiest. So the next time you hear liberals bemoan how the "rich people" are responsible for our problems, you can agree, and point out that Congress has many millionaires.


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