Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Liberals Think

In reference to the Meg Whitman vs Gloria Allred fiasco concerning Whitman's former maid, who turned out to be illegal, the far-left newspaper, the L.A. Times ran a poll among its liberal readers (yes, most of their readers are indeed liberal). The poll question was, "What should Whitman Have Done When She Learned Diaz Was Here Illegally?"

Only 11.3% said she should have notified Immigration. But a whopping 44.64% said she should have hired an immigration attorney to help Diaz stay in the country!

That is amazing, for several reasons. The first is that it is not Whitman's obligation to spend thousands of her own to help someone stay in the country who had duped her. Another reason - as an illegal alien, not even an immigration attorney could have helped Diaz. Diaz admits to perjury, identity theft and fraud, all felonies. There is no way she would legally be permitted to stay.

But the liberal mindset is pretty much automatic in its responses - that the "underdog" is automatically a victim of some sort and everyone should bend over backwards to serve them. It matters not that felonies were committed, nor that Diaz had duped Whitman for 9 years, or that Whitman had been paying her $23 per hour. All that matters to the liberal is that every tack should be taken to push forward the "no borders" agenda.

That is their choice, of course. But I prefer making my choices based on thought, facts and logic.

As a side note, some folks are taking odds whether ICE will actually do anything about Diaz. In spite of the fact she has confessed to committing several felonies, odds-makers believe ICE will do nothing, as it would harm the administration's agenda of not "recognizing" illegals unless they murder someone. Currently the odds are 7-2 that ICE will look the other way.


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