Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Were Critics of Civilian Trials Correct?

Many people have been opposed to holding civilian trials for terrorists, claiming that the stricter legal rules and loopholes that are non-existent in military tribunals would make it much more difficult to get a conviction.

Well, it appears they may have been right and the more liberal DOJ was wrong. Today, the trial of the terrorist who bombed two embassies was supposed to go on trial in a civilian court. The trial has been postponed because the judge has BANNED the prosecution's key witness.

And this is only the first day of just one such case.

Folks should understand - on the battlefield, the soldiers cannot and should not be reading Miranda rights to those they capture. In civilian trials, that, alone can get the entire case tossed out.

My question goes deeper - WHY would Eric Holder and his DOJ want to make it more difficult to stop our enemies? What is THEIR agenda.

I feel safer with the terrorists, since I at least know what their agenda is. Not so sure about the DOJ.

After all, they dropped the charges against the New Black Panthers on charges of voter intimidation even after they were found guilty. And Holder wanted to try the Sheik who was behind the bombing of the World Trade Center in a civilian court in NYC. And Holder sues a state for trying to protect itself. And now this.

And to add insult to injury, (11) countries in Central and South America have decided to gang up on Arizona, and asked the liberal 9th Circuit to permit them to speak against the Arizona illegal immigration law. When Eric Holder's Department of (in)Justice was asked if they will stand with Americans or with the other countries, they stated that they stand with the other countries. That is as wrong and as unAmerican as it gets, folks - the administration wants to replace our Constitution with "international law", and they see this as an opportunity to push that agenda forward.

Yes, at least we know which side the terrorists are on. The sooner we rid ourselves of the corrupt, unAmerican progressives in our government, the better.


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