Friday, October 29, 2010

I Pray I Am Wrong

Today, several cargo planes were held around the world for "suspicious packages." One found in the UK looked like a mock-up of a bomb. Others were found in several cities around America, from San Francisco to Portland Maine.

Even more unsettling is that these packages, which originated from Yemen, were apparently addressed to various religious institutions, primarily synogogues and churches.

Now this is why I pray I am wrong...

Anwar al-Awlaki, an American Al Queda in Yemen, and responsibile for the "Christmas Day Bomber" last year is the person likely behind this "dry run". And here is where it gets bad.

Already known for wanting to cause terror on Christmas, the second most sacred day in America (Easter being the first), al-Awlaki will likely want to do so again, only on a larger scale.

Imagine if this was a dry run to take advantage of the huge amount of packages being shipped at the holiday season. It is entirely possible that al-Awlaki's aim is to use the rush of the holiday season to deliver bombs or chemical weapons all over the U.S. - and to religious institutions in particular.

Imagine the devastation to every part of American life if hundreds of bombs all over America were to go off simultaneously at religious institutions on or about Christmas Day.

Again, I pray I am wrong. But al-Awlaki is an American citizen. He understands us. He knows the importance of Christmas (remember the Christmas Day Bomber). And he knows the lax security for cargo planes - currently almost all security focuses on commercial airlines.

It might be wise if you use greater than normal caution and care when receiving packages this holiday season, and to make sure the clergy in your church or synogogue do the same.


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