Saturday, October 30, 2010

Self-Employment Opp Pt IV

Self-Employment Idea #4

Are you disabled, or is there is reason you cannot get out and around much? Then this idea might well be what you are looking for. But it is not limited to just those folks who are not very mobile - anyone can do this. It is an idea I had once used back in the '80's to get an old friend off welfare with great success.

Your community likely includes both of the following:

1) a bunch of teens, college kids, seniors and/or otherwise underemployed people. People who do not need full-time work, but need extra money

2) People who need part-time or one-time assistance for odd jobs

Your job would be to connect the two. Advertise that you can provide people with odd jobs to earn extra money, and build up a dBase of their names, contact info and, of course, the type(s) of work they can do, such as painting, gardening, handyman stuff, dog walking etc.

Then advertise throughout the area that you can provide folks with the help they need to do those troublesome tasks. Need help getting those storm windows up? Consider it done. Lawn mowed? Done. You name it.

Your job is to advertise for workers, then advertise for those who need workers, and match them up. You get a percentage of the take.

Let's say you get 10% of the pay of 30 people - you are essentially getting 300%. The more people you match up, the bigger your cut.

Be aware - you need to use contracts on both ends - a contract with your workers that prevents them from accepting work on their own, cutting you out, and contracts with the "employer" to insure you get paid - they pay you, not the worker. You pay the worker.

And, yes, you may have other paperwork, like withholding (unless your workers are subcontractors - you can include that in your contract). And yes, you may need liability insurance, or get bonded to cover yu in case one of your workers breaks something, or gets hurt.

It's an idea to think about, though.


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