Sunday, October 24, 2010

Since When?

The U.S. Constitution states the qualifications for running for office. The ONLY qualifications. Anything else is up to the voters.

So why is it a corrupt jusge has just ORDERED Joe Miller (R) to release his past employment records? Employment has no bearing on legal qualification, so the judge is WAY out of bounds by ordering those records released.

What a contrast - when another politician incurred questions on whether he was Constitutionally qualified, I.E. born here, no judge ordered him to release his birth records. An no judge ordered him to release his college records, either.

This move by a corrupt judge to help Murkowski to win an election is not only unprecedented, but is also the epitome of judicial corruption in trying to illegally influence an election.

When we get rid of the corrupt politicians next week, what say you we start on getting rid of corrupt judges and corrupt media?


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