Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Would We Do If Someone Commits Genocide In America?

What do you suppose we would do to any person or group responsible for genocide in America? More specifically, if we discover they were complicit in the deaths of 35 million people of color? What would you expect we should do if a group were to do this right here in America?

According to the Guttman Institute (which tracks this) the total number of babies aborted since 1973 is 52,008,665. Sixty-seven percent were among black women. This means abortions have claimed 34,845,805 black babies since Roe vs Wade. Note that Roe vs Wade was decided by a liberal Supreme Court (the infamous Warren Court, which also beat up on God). Since 1973, it is liberals, like the Senator who was a ranking KKK member, who have pushed hard to protect abortion "rights". If I did not know better, I might think liberals are actively trying to depopulate blacks in America. I am certain they are aware the majority of abortions are among minorities.

If those 35 million had been allowed to live, it would have resulted in another 50 million black children and millions more of grandchildren being born from them by 2025.

Imagine - 100 million black people that will never breathe their first breath, or contribute to society.

I'll state it clearly - liberals are directly responsible for the deaths of 35 million blacks in America and their future generations. They call it "reproductive rights." I call it genocide. And I find it ironic that most black people keep voting for liberals.


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