Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obama Again Tries Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Anyone with an I.Q. that exceeds a single digit understands there is no gain when you take money out of one person's pocket and put it into someone else's. That is a transfer, a redistribution. It is not a creation of wealth. In fact, not only is it not a gain, it is actually a net loss since the person you took the money from is now angry with having been robbed, and may begin "hiding" his wealth better - like overseas - so it cannot be stolen so easily.

But here goes Obama again, and again it is with the so-called "green" crap. Already the government is stealing $7,500 from taxpayers for every Chevy Volt sold - taxpayers are helping pay for someone else's car. But that did not work - no one wants that piece of crap, not even when someone else is paying for it. So what does Obama try to do?

In his new budget he wants Congress to INCREASE the taxpayer subsidy to $10,000 per vehicle. If Obama gets his way, you, the taxpayer, will be paying even more to buy someone else a car.

To put this in perspective, what do you think would happen if someone in your community that you do not even know or like were to come up to you and say, "I wanna buy a new car. So I'm gonna take $10 from you and from every other person in town to help me pay for it."

Go ahead - tell me what would happen to that guy. And what would happen to him if he actually DID take that money from everyone.

Yes, he would be spending time in the Gray Bar Hotel pounding out license plates for YOUR car.

Yet, Obama and his liberal friends think it is perfectly OK to do that sort of thing, and they abuse their power of office to make it "legal". They call iit "social justice", when in fact it is nothing more than theft.

Legal or not, wrong is wrong. If it is wrong for you and me to do it, then it is wrong for Obama to do it.

'Nuff said.


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