Monday, February 13, 2012

Again The Bears Are Biting The Hand That Fed Them

In state and national parks across the country the sign says, "DO NOT FEED THE BEARS." For good reason. When you feed bears, they start to assume that you are a food source. They get used to it. Soon, they demand it.

When I was in Yellowstone in '64, a man in the car ahead of us made that mistake. When he put his empty hand out to show the bear he had no more food to give, the bear clamped down on his hand and ripped it apart.

When you feed bears, and then stop feeding them when you run out of food, they get angry and attack you. They want more, and if you do not give them more, they will eat YOU!

People are no different. When you give them stuff, then stop, they get angry. We see it every time we run out of stuff to give our kids, or ask them to start earning their own way after a lifetime of giving them everything they wanted. And we see it today in places like Greece, where just this morning the "entitled" set fires to buildings and rioted in the streets because their government can no longer afford to hand out all the free goodies the citizens have come to expect. And we see it with unions that demand more and more while providing less and less.

The bears are attacking. In Greece. In Belgium. In France. In Spain. In England. And even here in America with the Occupy Wall Street mob.

The answer is not more entitlements. The answer is to stop adding entitlements as the current administration is doing and begin to wean people OFF the entitlements we now offer. If an entitlement cannot be self-sustaining and pay for itself, it should not exist. If an entitlement is anything more than a temporary aid, it should not exist.


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