Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Epitome Of Hypocrisy....

Here's a scenario for you, followed by a question...

Joe Blow is a Wall Street Occupier. He hates capitalism. He tells everyone that capitalism is wrong. He says we should "take down" capitalists, and take away what they have. You get the picture. (I'm not saying all OWS folks are like that, but THIS guy is, OK?)

But here's the reality behind Joe Blow - he buys an iPod because everyone else has one. He buys a car because all his neighbors have a car. He even buys a house because everyone else in his neighborhood has one. But he says he only buys those things because "I have to keep up with the Joneses. I can't compete with them otherwise". But isn't competition the defining factor in capitalism? Why would he WANT to compete if he is anti-capitalist? He still says he is anti-capitalism, but is only going along with it because everyone else is.

Here's the question - is there a bigger hypocrite than Joe? If anti-capitalism is his belief, shouldn't he be living according to those beliefs? The definition of "hypocrite" is anyone who is not true to their own beliefs.

Now here's the real kicker...

Barack Obama has stated many times that "super pacs" are bad, and even unAmerican. He even scolded the Supreme Court for allowing them (although it is a little thing called the Constitution that allows them.) But now he is endorsing his own super pacs, and his reason is the same as Joe Blow's - he has to compete with the Joneses. He says he must use super pacs because the Republicans are using them.

Whatever happened to being true to your beliefs? Your principles? Are super pacs any less "unAmerican" because he is simply trying to keep up with the Joneses?

Using Obama's logic, it would be OK for America to compromise their principles, as long as they are only doing what everyone else does. If China cheats on the value of their currency, then we can cheat on ours. And if Iran tortures our people, then we can torture theirs.

Here's the point - principles should never be compromised. Never. You can compromise on how you go about them, but not on the principles, themselves.

Obama ia apparently a two-faced hypocrite of the highest order. It should come as no surprise that he has no respect for the religious beliefs of Catholics when he can't even show respect to his own beliefs. To Obama, anything can be sold down the river or thrown under the bus in order to stay in power.

Kinda sounds like Assad, doesn't it?


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