Monday, February 13, 2012

Since We Now Know Obama Is Not A Christian - What IS He?

President Obama keeps claiming he is a Christian. But as the Bible says, "ye shall know them by their deeds", not their words.

Obama spent the first few formative years of life learning Islam. He then "converted" to Christianity. However, for 20 years he attended - and swore by - Reverend Wright's Church of Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism. And, since he became president, it is rare indeed that he sets foot in a church.

Meanwhile, his administration has often attacked religion. The latest and most egregious attack is his insistence that people of faith must violate their faith in order to comply with King Barak's edict to provide abortion pills, sterilization and contraception.

To further indicate Obama does not have a Christian bone in his body are his repeated misuse of certain Biblical passages taken out of context and used to further a socialist agenda. 

Although "social justice" has been shown to be diametrically opposed to Christianity, Obama insists the two are one in the same. He ignores all the passages about personal responsibility, and that it is the individual who must offer justice, voluntarily, in order for it to please God.

Obama has often claimed that Christianity requires some sort of "collective" redemption, even though the Bible explicitly states that redemption is a personal thing that each of us must seek for ourselves.

When you are FORCED to do something, it has no meaning, and therefore no value. If someone puts a gun to your head and forces you to say, "I love you", how much value is in that? None.

So, Obama has done many things to prove he is not really a Christian, and has done nothing to lead us to believe he is. If he is not a Christian, I think he owes it to us to tell us exactly what he DOES believe in.

And if the truth be known, the answer would likely be "socialism". The two are not very compatible.


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