Thursday, February 16, 2012

Now HuffPost Avoids The Truth...

Huffington Post is on a roll today. In their latest story about the Westboro Baptist Church picketing Whitney Houston's funeral they write, "...members of the right-wing Christian group, known for its strong anti-gay stance, are planning to stage a protest at the pop diva's private memorial, set for this weekend in her hometown of Newark, N.J."

Here is where HuffPost is once again spinning the truth until it no longer resembles any truth --- no Christian on planet Earth would label any member of the Westboro Baptist Church as Christian.

To be a Christian, one must follow the tenets of Christ (hence the name, HuffPost!). The members of the WBC preach hatred, not love. Their signs say "GOD HATES GAYS", GOD HATES SOLDIERS" etc. All they preach is hatred, and they practice it even more than they preach it. That is the opposite of Christianity.

To call the Westboro Baptist Church a "Christian group" is akin to calling Media Matters a conservative think tank.

But then, we have come to expect lies, distortions and deceit from Huffington Post and AOL.


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