Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama's Shell Game - Money Laundering From The White House

Today the president appeared to back off his decision to usurp religious freedom. He said he would "accommodate" the Catholic Church.

Coupla things. First, religious freedom is a Constitutional right - not to be "accommodated." It is a guaranteed right. Period. But what really shows what the president and his cronies are all about is how he "accommodates."

Instead of the religious institutions being forced to pay for insurance that provides free contraception, religious institutions would be forced to pay for insurance that provides free contraception. So what is the "accommodation"? According to Obama it is simply that he now mandates (again, our elected Congress is not consulted - King Barak has spoken) that the insurance company would provide that service at THEIR cost.

The liberals just are not bright enough to understand. First, it's not just about who pays. It's about the freedom to say NO to something that violates your religious beliefs. To say NO to having to pay for insurance that provides contraception, no matter who pays for the contraception.  It is no different from forcing a religious hospital to perform abortions, but having someone else pay for it. The religious hospital is still being forced to provide something that violates their beliefs.

Liberals miss the point entirely. They also seem to think freedom of religion applies only to churches, but the Constitution is clear - the freedoms and rights pertain to each and every indivuidual - you and I have the same right to freedom of religion as does the Cardinal. So giving some sort of bogus waiver to the church does nothing to preserve MY right to religious freedom. Obama shows his disdain for our rights almost daily, and a disrespect for the Constitution. They get in his way to  be dictator, as does Congress.

But even if it were about who pays - ultimately, the policy holder pays, anyway. Until King Barak plants a money tree in the front yard of insurance companies, the only way they can pay for it is if they get the money from policy holders. So the church STILL pays for the contraception.

It's a classic shell game and money laundering scheme, typical of the Chicago mob tactics we have come to expect from this administration. If they were to do any of these things in the private sector they would be sharing a cell with their criminal Chicago pals.


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