Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did You Know - A Deadly Part Of ObamaCare...

Not many people are aware of the many, many bad things lurking within ObamaCare. But there is one in particular that will result in the untimely deaths of many seniors.

Starting in just 8 months - October 2012 - hospitals will be penalized if they spend more on the care of seniors than the Department of Health & Human Services likes. Hospitals that reduce those costs will be rewarded.

Now tell me - what hospital is going to risk penalties? How many seniors will be kicked out a day (too) early, or be deprived of necessary tests? Studies have already shown that the death rate is substantially higher among those who leave the hospital even a day earlier than they should.

Of course, there are hundreds of other vicious little things in ObamaCare. For example, if you sell a house or other asset (like stocks) you will be taxed an ADDITIONAL 3.8% on the proceeds, over and above any capital gains taxes. So, if you bought a home when young, paid off the mortgage over 30 years and now your home is worth $100,000 more than what you paid, you will have to pay (currently) $15,000 in cap gains PLUS another $3,800 in taxes. And anyone - especially the elderly - who sells off stocks and bonds to supplement their income will lose an additional 3.8% of their net gains, over and above cap gains taxes.

And DHHS can dictate to hospitals and doctors that they will not pay for certain tests, medications or services if it is determined to be too costly for the "return on investment."  In other words, if you are too old to offer much to society, you may not be able to get expensive treatment. As far as I am concerned, that truly is a "death panel" of sorts. In fact, the FDA has already rejected two very expensive cancer treatments that had already been approved. They rejected them because of their cost - and Medicare does not want to cover those costs. If the FDA does not approve a medicine or procedure, Medicare won't pay for it. Get it?

We need to get rid of ObamaCare. And we need to replace it with something more effective, easier, less expensive, and does not infringe on our liberties or choices.


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