Sunday, February 26, 2012

Obama's "College For All" Shows Extreme Ignorance, Arrogance

Obama said that every child in America should go to college. And while that may sound nice, if you think about the unintended consequences (which liberals never do) you will come to realize it is a REALLY bad idea.

Throughout history there has been "room at the top" for about 4% of the population. For every top job there are about 24 lesser jobs.

Most of those 24 "lesser jobs" do not require a college education. In fact, two-thirds of all carreers in America do not require advanced education. We need plimbers, electricians, people to pave our driveways, salespersons, assembly line workers and people to work at McDonald's and 7-11. If those people were to go to college they would waste $100,000 and 4 years of their lives.

And let us not forget the large portion of kids who cannot qualify for college. There are the school drop-outs, and the slackers, as well as those who simply do not have the intellect necessary for college.

And last, but not least, are those who simply do not want to go to college.

Mr. Obama, Santorum was correct - you are a snob. But I will go further - I believe you are an arrogant, ignorant snob with no ability to think anything through. Yes, I know YOU went to college, but college cannot make a man of wisdom out of a man who has no clue.


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