Friday, February 10, 2012

The Left Has Shown Their Disdain For The Constitution

Over the last few years we have seen numerous assualts on the Constitution. The president by-passes Congress several times and passes laws, which violates the separation of powers clause. The administration forces citizens to buy certain products. The Justice Department refuses to enforce laws they do not like. And now the administrationj wants to place limitations on freedom of religion, although the First Amendment clearly states that freedom of religion may NOT be infringed.

But now a liberal has finally put it into words, point blank. On Fox this morning, one of the debaters concerning the contraception issue was liberal Sally Colmes. And Sally said that we "must not allow religious freedom to trump democratically passed laws."  According to this liberal mindset, the Constitution is subject to Congressional lawmaking. And that is contrary to the law of the land.

The Constitution IS the law of the land. And any laws passed by Congress MUST be in keeping with the limitations in the Constitution as stated under the Limited Powers clause. Congress does not have the power to pass any law that is contrary to the Constitution.

Here's a newsflash for Ms Colmes and her anti-Constitutional loons on the left - The Constitution trumps ALL laws that are contrary to the Constitution. Period. Any law that is contrary to the Constitution is not a legal, enforceable law.

And the Constitution states in no uncertain terms that Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion or the FREE practice thereof. And no law passed by Congress, or mandated by King Barak can trump that.


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