Friday, February 17, 2012

The First Amendment - And What Many Are Not Comprehending...

To hear the folks on the left talk, you would think the First Amendment applies only to churches. That is the excuse they use for trying to force religious organizations  to adopt contraception. Churches exempt, but church organizations are not.

Apparently they do not comprehend simple English, since the First Amendment never even mentions churches. What it does mention is religious freedom without government interference.

You see, many people have forgotten what the Bill of Rights was written for. It was to acknowledge certain God-given rights that each person has. In other words, they are the rights of INDIVUDUALS. Every INDIVIDUAL has each of the rights in the Bill of Rights.

Therefore, when the First Amendment says Congress shall make no law that infringes on religious freedom, that means the religious freedom of each and every individual. Each person has a right to live their conscience without government interference. Not just churches. It applies to the Catholic Church, and it applies to the individual Protestant living next door.

But the progressive liberals want to diminish and eventually destroy the Constitution - Pelosi has even said it does not matter anymore. The Constitution gets in the way of the liberal agenda. And this ploy by the Obama administration is designed to minimize the reach and effect of the first and most important right we have. They are trying to limit the First Amendment only to churches, rather than to the populace and the individual.

What's next - limiting the right to bear arms to only law enforcement and military? Or the right to property being limited only to the wealthy? Or maybe the right to free speech will be limited to only the liberal press.

No, the Bill of Rights are the rights of INDIVDUALS. Every individual. So when the administration forces Joe Blow, an individual Catholic, to provide contraception for his employees, they are violating Joe's First Amendment rights. Joe is not a church. But Joe has the same rights as the church!

If you do not want to see your rights being watered down and taken away by those with a socialist agenda, don't just sit there reading this. Pass it on. Get up and call your Senators and Representatives and remind them that the Bill of Rights are the rights of INDIVIDUALS, not just churches.

DO something to stand and be counted, or suffer the loss of your rights and freedoms. Once gone, they cannot be regained without an armed and violent revolution, because the socialists will never voluntarily give them back.

So, let's not lose them.


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