Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Uh-Oh...Another Bad Idea Made Worse...

From AOL News: "UnitedHealth Group's Optum business is launching a service that allows doctors to share information about patients over the Internet, as health care companies continue their push to improve care with better coordination.

"The system, known as cloud computing, involves storing information and software applications on remote servers that are accessed through a secure Internet connection."

As everyone who does not live on the moon knows, there is not a single server on planet Earth that cannot be hacked. Even the Pentagon's servers have been hacked, as well as those of the CIA.

Yet, these morons want us to belief our medical records are secure. Not by a long shot.

If a person's medical history is made available, it could cost them their job, their health insurance, their life insurance - and Lord only knows what else.

They say it will improve health care, but that's a lie. First, the only thing it improves is "convenience" for doctors. It has no effect on a person's actual health care. Second, it will actually degrade health care, as hundreds of thousands of people who are afraid their records will not remain private and secure may very well stop seeking medical care.

The real problem lies in the simple fact that this is a part of ObamaCare - forcing everyone by 2014 to make their medical records available for a national database.

Can anyone say "Big Brother"? Or maybe "catastrophe".


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