Thursday, February 16, 2012

HuffPost Upset Over Truth...

Huffington Post seems to be quite upset that Fox Business News personality Eric Bolling said Democrat Representative Maxine Waters, aka "The Nutcase", should "step away from the crack pipe." Bolling went on to say he was kidding, of course.

But here's the nub - Bolling made that statement after Waters, on camera and in front of an audience, went on a hateful rant, literally screaming that all "Republicans are Demons" and are unAmerican and should "never be allowed to walk the halls of Congress". Her insane rant went on for several minutes. I have watched insane people act with more aplomb and civility than this nutcase.

It might be worth noting that Waters has found herself on the wrong end of an ethics investigation - by her own party - and has often gone off the deep end in her hateful, bigoted rants against Republicans and white people.

So, while Bolling may have only been kidding, I'm not so sure he didn't hit the nail on the head. If she is not on crack, she certainly acts like it.

In either case, there is no place in Congress for such a hateful, bigoted, and apparently crazy person. Just my opinion. And I am not "kidding."


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